Alberta Female Bighorn Sheep, Banff

I was very pleased to see my bighorn sheep image make it onto the Humane Society's website.  I wrote a little story about seeing the sheep in Canada, and noted that in California they are an endangered species...

"It was such a delight to return to the Canadian Rocky Mountains in July of 2014. I spent seven years in Alberta as a child and grew up going on vacations in the Banff and Jasper National Parks, and I remember seeing many bighorn sheep on the hillsides or crossing the roads. The natural beauty of the area has never left me.

On this particular day, we were returning from Banff and stumbled upon a group of bighorn sheep eating by the road. Totally unconcerned by the tourists who stopped in their cars to gawk, a few sheep even seemed to pose for us—like this female, who was licking her chops and obviously enjoying her meal.

Where I live in California, the Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep is an endangered species, and I don't know that I've ever seen one. So it was a particular joy to see such a large group of bighorn sheep in Canada that day, so relaxed in their environment. I wouldn't want to get too close to one, but they definitely put big smiles on our faces. How wonderful to see these tough yet graceful wild animals utterly at home and enjoying the summer day as much as we were!"  

If you'd like to read the see more great photos from other photographers and writers, here is the link to the page: Humane Society

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