While I'd hope to be in Oregon in the path of totality for Eclipse 2017 today, it was not to be.  Staff meetings beckoned.  However, I grabbed my camera and eclipse glasses anyway, and hoped to get off some kind of shots during a break.  Without my ND filters, solar filters, welding glass or the like, I knew the sun would show up as pretty blown out and lots of banding in the sky.  Here in Sacramento, we only experienced 80% totality at 10:17am.  Nevertheless, I managed to get a  few weird shots from the eclipse today anyway.  As you can see, there are lots of cool little lens flares and reflections that happen with all that light. The crescent reflections that come out as lens flares are actually a pretty good representation of what we saw with eclipse glasses here.  Hope you got to see it whereever you were - what a beautiful, amazing sight!



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