I've been in Sacramento 22 years this month.  I haven't attended the California State Fair every year, but many, many of them.  It is one of the region's great annual traditions for thousands of people, and just hasn't changed that much over time.  That's part of why I love it and completed enjoyed the 2016 California State Fair this year.  From The Farm to the Fine Arts Exhibits and Fireworks to the Wine Tasting and Beer Garden, County Exhibits and Cooking Demonstrations, there's so much to enjoy, even in the hot summer heat.  The free concerts are a great deal, and while the Fairway is pretty much beyond me now, even my 79-year-old mother can ride the monorail.  Each year, there's always a fuss about the newest fried food to be had at the fair -- this year we found deep-friend Twix (not as good as the Twinkies), and bacon continues to be a big deal.  I went searching for the much ballyhooed veggie hot dogs on a stick, but they didn't have any, sadly.  (The vegetarian options have improved over the years, but still have a long ways to go.)  There was even a new ride this year: the sky ride - chairlifts with sweeping views over the Cal Expo grounds.

The personal highlight for me was seeing two of my images in the Photography Fine Arts display building.  My "Lemon Drop" took first place and division winner prizes, and my "McGlutton" nabbed me a second place (in the self-portrait category, go figure).  You'll see a couple of images of me with my pieces in the gallery.

I don't usually spend much time making images at the fair because I'm with family members who would rather get some funnel cake than wait for me to compose a photo, but this year I managed to take a few more than usual.  What impressed me when I set out to process these catch-as-catch-can, on-the-go photos was the incredible diversity of people who enjoy this annual event.  It's not something I thought about at the time, but I think that these images reveal just a teeny bit of the beautiful palette of people to be found in our fair state.  Enjoy!


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