I thought I'd posted my modest Maine Gallery last summer, but somehow it never got done!  We spent a delightful week in Southern Maine last year, and from the popovers to sunrise on the beach to the local drag show, it was wonderful.  The people were friendlier than my Maine stereotype had led me to believe (perhaps after those long, cold winters they are eager to see people), and the lifestyle was laid back and relaxing for us "pukes" ) tourists.

After flying into Boston Friday afternoon at rush hour (totally not recommended) we got our rental car and headed north toward New Hampshire.  A quick stop in charming Portsmouth for a dinner of popovers (a New England version of Yorkshire Pudding, from what we could deduce), then onwards up to our base camp in Ogunquit, Maine.

We stumbled onto Ogunquit when looking for available timeshares in Maine.  We'd never heard of it, but after doing a little research on it, it seemed like a great fit.  A low-key resort town with art colony roots popular with LGBTQ folks, the timeshare looked like a convenient walk to the beach, with shuttles into town and to the beach.  The humidity surprised us, but the ocean breezes took the edge off, and we ended up really loving this little town.  Besides taking a sail on a gorgeous tall ship around the area and walking on the lovely beach, we also caught a Moxie and a movie at the town's theater, sang our hearts out at The Front Porch local piano bar and admired the great talents of the local dueling drag queens Joanna and Chi-Chi at MaineStreet.  Wicked fun!

Besides our time on Ogunquit, we ventured up north to see the towns of Old Orchard Beach and Ocean Park.  My parents had taken me there as a small child, and as East-Coast Canadian snowbirds, loved renting one of those glorious homes right on the beach.  It doesn't appear to have changed much, according to my mother, after we showed her the photos.  We even found a "Colby Street," my mother's maiden name.  What a fun day trip!

We also drove around Kennebunkport, and made it to Portland to the art museum and lighthouse. There are innumerable lighthouses of course, in this part of the world, and while the Nubble Lighthouse South of Ogunquit was less picturesque in some ways than the Portland one, we loved it's starkness and non-tourist flavor.

There's much more of Maine to see, or course, and we hope one day to return!