Thank you for your interest in purchasing prints or licensing rights of my images!  Unless noted as a "limited-edition," my images are for sale on an open edition basis.  Below you will find some pricing for my open editions that I hope is helpful to you.  (In some cases, the net proceeds will be donated to a charity associated with the subject of the image.)  Please use my contact form if you wish to enquire about a limited-edition print, or to place an order for an open edition, letting me know the kind of paper you would like (matte, luster, glossy) and whether or not you would like a white border.  Images will be printed without the watermark name with Canon archival dye inks on Canon papers lasting at least 20 years in open air, 30 years in a glass frame and 300 years in an archival photo album.

Print Prices (Matte, Luster, Glossy, Canon papers)


(Educational, Informational Use)




(Priority, USPS, USA)

4x6 35.00 5.00 40.00
5x7 50.00 5.00 55.00
8x10 90.00 10.00 100.00
8.5x11 100.00 10.00 110.00
Large Prints     Contact For Quote
Retail (Personal Use)      
4x6 15.00 5.00 20.00
5x7 20.00 5.00 25.00
8x10 40.00 10.00 50.00
8.5x11 45.00 10.00 55.00
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Licensing for Digital Files

Editorial Use Price Type
XS 25.00 Newspapers/Magazines
S 75.00  
M 175.00  
L 275.00  
Retail Use    
XS 10.00  
S 35.00  
M 85.00  
L 135.00  
Personal Use    
Depending on availability of needed releases Contact For Quote Varies according to size, market, distribution, timeline etc.
Commercial Use    
Depending on availability of needed releases Contact For Quote Varies according to size, market, distribution, timelime etc.


Image Size Description Pixels/Inches dpi File Size Uncompressed
XS Secondary imagery for websites, mobile apps, articles, and blogs 511 x 336 px (18.25 x 12.00 in) 28 Approx 500kb
S Web, presentation, and small print uses 730 x 480 px (26.07 x 17.14 in) 28 Approx 1mb
M Higher-resolution digital and print uses, including tablets and half-page print 2138 x 1405 px (18.12 x 11.91 in) 118 Approx 9MG
L Large size for all digital and print uses, including full page and larger 5578 x 3665 px (47.27 x 31.06) 300 Approx 20mg


Licensing prices are for one-time, all-rights reserved, royalty free (non-exclusive) image use. 

Please note that the unauthorized reproduction, sale and use of any of my images for any use is not allowed. 
For a rights-managed image use, please contact me.

Discounts may be available for clients who wish to use more than one image, or use one image in multiple ways.  Discounts may also be available for some non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and educational institutions.   

(However, please remember that my investment in each image involves taking the time to take, upload, clean, correct, process, manipulate etc it, in additional to delivery, invoicing, tracking etc my images, maintaining my website and purchasing needed photographic equipment.  Also, any legitimate business, including 503c’s, should have budgets to pay for business expenses such as marketing and advertising.)