We are lucky enough to live just four hours from some of the most spectacular, majestic scenery in the world.  Yosemite's granite El Capitan and Half Dome are legendary, and it is humbling to walk in the footprints of so many great photographers from Carleton Watkins to Ansel Adams to Michael Frye, who have all created so many iconic images of the park.

Most recently, I visited the park with a photography class from Consumnes River College.  I have been in the photography program there for two years, and this trip was a wonderful way for the department to include landscape photography into their offerings.

Below that are my images from a quick trip in March 2016 catching the spring melt.  My 78-year-old mother has Parkinson's Disease, but still has some good mobility and she had never been to the park.  Between her walker and her wheelchair, we got her to the major sites and I made a few images along the way.  Because we were out in the middle of the day most of the time, I elected to make a significant number of them black and white.  The waterfalls this year are the best they've been in years, and it was a delight to see them, and to see my mother enjoying them so much!

The group of images below them was taken in the fall a couple of years ago.  Yosemite photographer Gary Hart has been taking groups to Yosemite for over a decade and with his expertise, we scouted out some of the best views in the park and took our best shots of the remaining autumn colors and watery reflections.  Enjoy!