Sept. 11 20th Anniversary

Sept. 11 20th Anniversary fire truck flag

AUBURN, CA, U.S.A. – SEPT. 11, 2021

Here in Auburn, we had a special ceremony commemorating the September 11 20th Anniversary. The event actually celebrated the planting of the Liberty Tree 20 years ago by then-Supervisor Harriet White. The disease-resistant elm was planted at Fire station 180, where this year’s service occurred.

The Service

Hosted by Supervisor Jim Holmes (District 3), the program began with an opening prayer by Chaplain Boon. It was followed by the pledge of allegiance. Several county leaders then spoke before Ms. White led the crowd singing “God Bless America” as a crate of white doves was released.

The ceremony was simple and sweet. More than one speaker noted that at that time, tragic as it was, the country came together with the events of 9/11. As Supervisor Cindy Gustafson (District 5) said, “They brought us together in a way that I think we need to be brought together today.”

For more information, please contact Supervisor Holmes’s office.

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