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Lemon Drop Stop Action Martini Glass Blue Yellow Allan Sacramento State Fair Winners creative
Lemon Drop
Checkmate in Sedona light painting allan creative
Checkmate in Sedona

I am delighted to have two of my award-winning images included in upcoming Lottery for the Arts event. Blueline Arts holds the event every year, and I am proud to be a member of it.

If you are not familiar with it, the March 19 Lottery for the Arts event in Roseville, California is a fundraising evening that raises money for art education by supporting a non-profit organization and its community of artists.

“Checkmate in Sedona” was an image I created while staying in Sedona a few years ago. I was inspired by the life-sized chessboard I found at the resort where we were staying. Clad in dark clothes and hoping not to attract the attention of security, I ended up making numerous long, long exposures one late night, and voila! The image ended up taking third-place at the California State Fair for photos with movement in them.

“Lemon Drop” was created in my garage, the product of many, many wet, splashy shots. I love working on these kinds of images. Getting the timing right while waiting for the self-timer to kick down took some doing, but it was a lot of fun on a warm Sacramento evening. The image took Best of Division for Object photography at the California State Fair.

Hopefully these images will raise some helpful funds for Blueline and our regional art community.

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