“Lightshow”: Eiffel Tower at night

“Light Show” is an image of the evening light show at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This Eiffel Tower night image is offered for sale for the month of February 2021.

Key information:

  • Sizes: Varies, printed upon request
  • Matted? No
  • Border: Optional
  • Paper: Archival Moab Pearl
  • Printer: Chris Allan/artist (up to 13 x 19″), Calicolor (Sacramento) with archival pigment inks for larger sizes
  • Date of Images: April 24, 2011
  • Limited Edition? No.
  • Prices: $100 (12 x 29″) $85 (8 x 19″), $65 (6 x 15″) with or w/o border, or other sizes by request
  • Shipping and handling: $6.95 for mail tube, $11.95 for flat in the U.S. Contact me for international shipping. Will deliver free locally up to 30 miles radius.

“Lightshow,” Eiffel Tower night image

Originally a temporary installation in 1985 to ring in the new year, the Eiffel Tower’s lighting became permanent in 2003.  Every night the tower sparkles with golden lights for five minutes on the hour, every hour.

When we were in Paris in 2011, we stayed in an apartment we had let at 114 Bd. de Grenelle, in the 15th Arrondissement. We had an amazing direct view of the La Tour Eiffel, and I took this image on a tripod through our living room window.

When I first saw the image, there were lots of other buildings in the image. They were darkened and silhouette, and there were various ambient lights as well. The lights on the tower were not sharp, and I didn’t think much of the photo.

But as often happens, I played around a little with the shot, zooming in on different elements. When I really focused on just the Tower, I realized that the lights had an abstract look I actually quite liked. It wasn’t the “money shot” I had been looking for, but it had interesting potential.

When I worked with the vibrance and saturation, the sky took on a more interesting deep blue, and I thought it fitting that the proportions of the image were “tower-like” in themselves. I’ve never printed such a narrow image. We have a framed copy in our kitchen and we love it. I’ve framed another one for sale in my new Auburn studioshop.

The paper

I’ve chosen to print it on Moab’s Slickrock Metallic Pearl paper. It’s more subtle than a glossy, and has a gorgeous opalescent metallic-ness that really pops the image. Unlike Moab silver metallic paper, the whites stay white, and it has an impact that renders it a little more three-dimensional. Many folks compare it to Kodak’s Endura Metallic paper.

A perennial favorite of mine…

With Valentine’s Day this month, I could think of no image in my portfolio that I like better and think fits as well with the theme. Please let me know if you are interested in purchasing it. Vive l’amour! 🇫🇷. ❤️

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