“Rio Favela,” circa 1987

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“Rio Favela” (scan from print, circa 1987). This month, my chosen charity is GAVI. This vaccine alliance is working with the World Health Organization ( WHO). Their goal is to support 92 low- and middle-income economies’ access to safe and effective #COVID19 vaccines. Ten percent of all print sales this month will go to Gavi, in addition to the personal donation I have already made.

What is a favela?

If you’re not familiar with the word, “favela,” it is a Portuguese term that basically means “slum.” More correctly, it is a specific type of low-income, informal community in Brazil that has been badly neglected.

A little background…

I took this photo many, many years ago when I was in Brazil for three weeks in the summer (I believe) of 1987. My good friend and her family lived in Sao Paulo, and another who came to do some summer mission work through her church. I saw far too much to encapsulate in one short blog, but this photo was taken while touring around Rio de Janeiro. Favelas exist in hundreds of cities in the country. Their general history has to do with rural Brazilians moving to the cities, unable to fine places to live.

According to Wikipedia, in 2010, about six percent of the population lives in favelas and other slums. When I visited in 1987 there were serious economic and political issues of all kinds, and I believe that sadly, that continues today. As we know, COVID hit Brazil particularly hard. My hope is that organizations like Gavi and the World Health Organization can help make a difference in these communities by helping their citizens receive the vaccines in a more equitable way. CA 📷

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