California International Marathon (CIM)

Here in Sacraemento, the California International Marathon (CIM) is a big deal!  Streets are blocked, 50,000 spectators turn out, and thousands of runners complete a course that is one of the most popular qualifying races for the Boston Marathon.


Today started off foggy and cool - perfect running conditions.  The run begins at 7:00am from Folsom and concludes on the Capitol Mall.  There is an 8:00am fun run, and that is filled with lots of exuberant young people and families, and a true joy to watch.  Here are my shots of the fun run and the men and women who placed in the marathon this year.  Of particular note is that Volha Mazuronak, the first place finisher for the women, broke the 15-year-old women's record!  For more result info, check out


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