I'm not sure it's become a new normal yet, but Coronaland is certainly here to stay. For awhile. Longer than we would like. Much longer. Each day is a mix of staying up on the latest news about COVID-19, checking in with friends and family to see if everyone is safe (and being grateful because they are), creating new DIY home and garden projects, and venturing out (masked) for the occasional errand and daily exercise. Here in Northern California, we officially started our shelter-in-place on March 19.When I go out, I grab my new weather-sealed little Canon Powershot G1X, Mark III, which has a surprisingly large APS-C sensor. I bought it for inconspicuous street photography shots, ski slope and beachside photos and, as it turns out, impromptu Coronaland environmental portraits.

I don't generally like shooting people, let alone something of a "portraity" nature, but I am too grateful for the front-like folks out there not to want to honor them in whatever simply way I can. Only one young drive-through person did not want his photo chosen, but everyone else seemed to stand a little taller, and appreciated being appreciated.

The fact that they are risking their lives each day in the essential services probably hasn't really sunk in, I imagine. This Corona bug is awful. I write this as Prime Minister Boris Johnson of the United Kingdom is in the I.C.U. and the U.S. has almost 330,900 cases of Corona virus, the most of any country on our planet. Worldwide, over 78,000 people have now died. It's unfathomable.

I've also got a few other stock photos in here (and my lovely wife De, with whom this would really be unbearable) to round out the story in terms of documentation. Unfortunately, I expect this gallery to be a work in progress for some time. Coronaland is here to stay. For now.