I've been reviewing some photos from last year that I missed in my posts and galleries.  One of the most fun events and a hearkening back to my high school and college marching band days was the Drum Corps International Competition - Capitol Classic Show, featuring our hometown corps, The Mandarins.


If you are not familiar with this event and organization, Drum Corps International (DCI), formed in 1972, is the non-profit governing body for junior drum and bugle corps in the U.S.A. and Canada.   Junior corps are composed of members 21 years of age and younger.  The stated purpose of a DCI corps is "...to provide a life changing experience for youth through the art of marching music performance."


Held in Elk Grove on July 6 last year, hundreds of young musicians, flag and rifle twirlers, drum majors and more strutted their stuff into the evening hours.  We so enjoyed the passion and commitment of these young people, together with their musicality and talents.  The photos are a little soft, and I was trying out a new zoom lens from up in the stands without a tripod, but I think they do capture some of the color and beauty of the event.  Enjoy!

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