Pride is happening!

Pride (in Northern California) is happening!  Over the past few weeks, I've visited three Pride celebrations.  Silicon Valley Pride was a full week of activities, with the night festival on Saturday, August 28, and the parade on August 29.

Next up was Oakland Pride, BUT it got cancelled because of COVID.

Then I drove down to Merced on Saturday, September 18 to see their second annual Pride.  It had been cancelled too, but I did get to see the nascent Pride Center.  Housed in the Multicultural Arts Center, it's founder Eli Sachse is one spunky "trans-dude," and fellow leadership team members Cristina Vara and Jennifer McQueen were also super passionate about the resource and safe space they've created in this Central Valley town.

Finally, on Sunday, September 19, I hustled down to Roseville to catch the Placer Pride folks decorating their vehicles for their second Pride caravan.  They continue to hope that one day they'll have a bonafide festival, but as committee member Mollie Murbach notes, "As a community, we're really adaptable at creating space for ourselves!"  The caravan involved about 17 vehicles festooned with a variety of flags from the community, and drove over to the Galleria, then up north to another location in Rocklin.

Can't wait to get to Las Vegas Pride next month!  🏳️‍🌈. 🎲

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