My mother, Cynthia, has  been a very active woman throughout her 76 years.  She cooked wonderful meals for us and for local philanthropic organizations, sewed oodles of clothes for both of us (including my prom dress), kept a beautiful home, and so much more.

When she began to notice tremors in her hands when she was writing a couple of years ago, she suspected the onset of Parkinson's Disease.  Since then she has gone through a range of testing as her tremors have worsened and other classic signs of Parkinson's have appeared.  Recently, her neurologist formally diagnosed her with Early Stage Parkinson's Disease, a degenerative disease of the central nervous system.  Fortunately, it appears to be progressing slowly, and she is taking medication that is helping her continue with her daily activities.

Meanwhile, I have begun reflecting on my mother's hands - the ones that shake now at times - the wonderful gifts and love that they have given my family over the years, and they many ways that they have expressed the essential "Cynthia Colby Allan."  To that end, I thought I would try an indoor "studio" style shoot - something I've never done before.  I wanted to try and focus on mum's hands (which are so often the first part of the body that indicates the onset of the disease, as I understand it) with some key props to help reveal parts of her personality and life to the viewer.  My mother came to visit us last week in Sacramento and we spent a few days getting set up and trying out shots.  I'd definitely like to expand my arsenal of indoor photo equipment, but I think "we done good," as she might say.  See for yourself.