New York is definitely our kind of town...

I've finally had a little time to sift through my 1,000 and more images from our Thanksgiving trip to New York.  Being there for the Macy's Day Parade was an urban bucket list item that fit right into the start of my 50th year.  Because the terrorist attacks in Paris were so fresh, and Times Square had reportedly received bomb threats, one of the dominating images that we saw over and over again was a large police presence.  NYPD and other law enforcement types were everywhere!  We saw bomb-sniffing dogs in the ferry terminal, were accompanied by a Coast Guard cruiser, saw an officer outside the "Fiddler on the Roof" Broadway Theatre, witnessed them in a cordoned-off section of Times Square and of course, saw them throughout the parade itself (the sniper van being the most dramatic).  However, we actually felt safer for New York's finest having a large presence and were relieved that there were no violent incidents.

Photographers say that New York is the best city in the world for street images, and I see why. Manhattan streets are literally teeming with people throughout the day and night.  Technically, therefore, street photos are very hard to master, with so many focus and lighting issues, but I did my best to catch some shots to help convey the amazing vitality and color of this amazing place.  For a more detailed list at some of the amazing places to shoot, you might to check out this helpful link: Photographic Tour of NYC.  Meanwhile, New York is definitely my kind of town!

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