Tonight in Sacramento we had a very moving candlelight vigil for the victims of the Orlando shooting.  The Orlando Vigil began with a blessing from the Native American community, which kindly hosted the gathering in the parking lot of the Native American Health Center.

It continued with people sharing their sorrow, their confusion in their anger around the attack in Orlando. It continued with the lighting of candles as short biographies were read in Spanish and English of all of the 49 victims of the shooting. These people were brothers, sisters, parents, children, lovers, students, employees and more. One person was an employee at a fast food restaurant who used to bring in birthday cakes for all of the employees and take their pictures to memorialize them. Some were in Orlando with friends on vacation, others were celebrating various occasions with family members, others were out with the people they planned to marry.

Even though we did not know them personally, they were beloved human beings, part of our Latino, LGBTQ and human community. It concluded with carrying the dreamcatcher of names to the memorial on 20th and K streets. It was a very moving service.

Here is my gallery of images for the event.

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