Rain and Snow in Nor Cal

As many of you have heard, California is entering its third year of sub-seasonal precipitation.  Where is the rain and snow?  Governor Jerry Brown officially declared us in a state of drought about a month ago, and local water agencies have called on citizens to cut back water use.  Our reservoirs have hit record lows, and our snowpack is only 20% of normal this year.

However, we've had some much-needed dousings this past month, and it's been "puddle wonderful" (to quote poet e.e. cummings).  We were on our way to the theater a couple of weeks ago, but I could not resist getting a few rainy evening photos, as the lights from K Street reflected in the watery sheen.

The rain and snow returned this past weekend and I made a quick trip up to Squaw Valley to ski my way practically blind down the hill.  Not much of a day for photos, but the juniper spire really caught my eye, and the colorful ski jackets on chairlifts are always an easy mark.  Enjoy!

Juniper Spire, Squaw Valley

The Esquire and IMAX, downtown Sacramento

K Street Cafe in the rain, Sacramento

K Street in the Rain, downtown Sacramento

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