Ringling Brothers came to town as the closing event for Sleep Train Arena. When I returned from my time in Africa many (many) years ago, I swore I'd never step into another zoo again, and circuses became part of that vow.  Simply, I believe strongly that wild animals belong in the wild.  I've been a staunch member of PETA, the SPCA and Humane Society over the years, but have not done my photographically with this particular passion of mine.

So I decided to venture out to the arena to document a local Meetup action for animal rights supporters.   After taking some shots of the leafletters, I walked around back to the compound area.  The big cats are housed in cages that are barely big enough for them to pace a few feet.  It is a challenge to take photos of them because of all the intense fencing and tarps flapping all around them, and so my images ended up looking very abstract, and obviously emphasize the animals' caged setting and existence.   Ironically, the green tarps show large cats prowling amidst bamboo groves in a very natural-looking environment that could not be further afield from what I saw.

All around them were piles of cages stacked on top of each other like cargo in a ship's hold. It was very, very sad, and I truly wish that Ringling Brothers would transition its shows into ones more similar to the humans-only cirque ones.  I emailed them and encourage you to as well, if your heart moves you to do so at information@feldinc.com and customerservice@feldinc.com.

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