We thoroughly enjoyed our brief sojourn to Salisbury.  Their carpark scheme worked great and we took a bus into town.  The town square was well-kept and utterly charming.  It was a short walk down various colorful streets to the city's main attraction, Salisbury Cathedral, the Anglican Cathedral.  Formerly called the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Mary, this amazing Gothic structure was built between 1220 and 125.  It boasts the tallest church spire in the U.K., along with the largest cloister and cathedral close in Britain.  Its clock is said to be the world's oldest, and it has the best surviving copy of the Magna Carta.  While the entry fee is not cheap in a country where most of the museums are free, the cathedral is, in a word, magnificent.  Besides the gorgeous stained glass windows, we found Ana Pacheco's refugee sculptures particularly moving considering the angry rhetoric we often hear these days around this issue.  Finally, we were unexpectedly moved to see an original version of the Magna Carta.  The rights and liberties that so many of us in the West take for granted stem directly to this ancient document and it was an honor to see it.