Loving St. Lucia

After researching the various island offerings in the never-before experienced Caribbean (at least for me), we chose St. Lucia.  The language, culture, geography and food seemed like a good fit, despite the island's location almost all the way to South America.

The dream came true, and in June of 2014 we had a wonderful honeymoon in St. Lucia (in the Lesser Antilles section of the Caribbean).   For obvious reasons, I tried to let myself just be a tourist and take shots on the fly, instead of my usual calendaring our days around sunrises and sunsets, shlepping my tripod everywhere, and generally playing photographer.  I figured those kind of jam-packed, fast-paced days just wouldn't go over well with the new bridge.  Some idyllic time on a beautiful Caribbean island after all the intense planning and celebration was also something I needed for my own little soul.


Thus, while I feel like I got some very nice shots, under other circumstances, I'd like to think I would have really nailed some others.  Nevertheless, I hope you will get a sense of this beautiful country and its beautiful people.  We stayed at the wonderful Villa Beach Cottages, a locally-owned-and-operated (second generation) resort that is small and absolutely perfect, and learned a lot from its proprietor, Mr. Colin Hunte.  St. Lucia has suffered a lot with the loss of its preferred banana export status to the U.K., and while the country is considered "upper middle" on the developing nations index, it still has a way to go.


I've never been to the Caribbean before this trip, and it has definitely piqued my interest.  It is certainly one of the most beautiful and photogenic places on the planet, and St. Lucia is an easy island for an English-speaking Westerner to navigate.  We may well be back!

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