We had no idea when we made plans to go to the U.K. this summer that we would be in the Stonehenge/Wiltshire area during the Summer Solstice. Stonehenge is very isolated in a massive field, near nothing in particular on the Salisbury Plain, a chalk plateau in the south western part of central southern England covering 300 square miles.

As you can imagine, for contemporary Druids (Neo-Druids) this would be one of the main festivals of the year. And so it was!

While the ancient stones are usually roped off from visitors, this is not the case for the Solstice celebration. We arrived around 5:00pm, delighted to find parking, and walked with the crowds to the security checkpoint near the Stones. From there, it was a delight to see, touch and celebrate these mysterious monoliths with lots of other fellow picnic'ers and visitors.

In the center of stones, neo-Druids were drumming and chanting, while a crowd watched. Others took pictures, played their own instruments, watched the 9:20pm sunset and otherwise thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Surely, the Stones must have enjoyed it as well.

The site was open all night, but we left as it was getting dark and caught one of the tour buses back to the parking lot. It was a beautiful, memorable evening, and all the more special to be part of a communal celebration held on one of the most ancient human gathering spots on the Earth.