Happy Autumn

  I’m loving experimenting with more abstract and impressionist images. Tonight I headed out to the river, as I’m enjoying this new autumn weather…here are two images that I wanted to be all about the color – “October Sunsets”        

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Reno Balloon Races

A few weeks ago I was able to go to the Reno (Nevada) Balloon Races for the first time.  From the 5:15am Glow Show, to the Dawn Patrol, to the Mass Ascension, it was a spectacular sight!  Beyond the color and majesty of the graceful balloons and wicker baskets, I was amazed by the  sense […]

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In the Pool

We’ve been exploring warm and cool colors in my photo class, and I shot a few in the pool with my model.  I think they have a very different mood and flavor to them.  

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