Greece Travel Photography

These Greece travel photography images were made in Athens, Corinth, and on the Greek Islands of Paros (my favorite) and Santorini in 2022.

Aside from a non-violent mugging on the train to the port of Piraeus (!), we had a great time. I finally learned the correct way to drink Ouzo (with water), and having fresh, delicious Greek salads every day was amazing. The country is affordable, chock full-of amazing history, super queer-friendly, and made for image-taking and making.

Photography Challenges

In terms of making photos in Greece, there are a few challenges. It wasn’t too crazy when we were there, but Athens’ busy streets can make it challenging to capture clean shots. Lighting conditions even in September were also fairly harsh with very dark shadows and blown-out highlights. Great opportunities for black and white shooters, however!

On the Greek islands, photographers have lots to work with. You’ve got rugged landscapes, charming villages, oodles of Greek orthodox churches and super clear waters to shoot. Nevertheless, the coastal winds can definitely pick up. If you’re doing landscape work, a strong tripod with something for weight will definitely help. In some of the more secluded island communities, you’ll also likely want to be get permission before photographing people or religious ceremonies.

Even if you don’t get mugged on a train, transportation logistics can be a bit daunting, especially when moving between islands. Ferry schedules and limited access to certain remote locations can be a challenge for time-sensitive photography. Good planning and checking out online resources helps a lot.

Despite these considerations, Athens and the Greek islands offer endless inspiration for photographers. You’ve got amazing ancient history to picturesque landscapes, all in a stunning Mediterranean setting.

Here are a few newer resources we’ve found for planning a trip to Greece: Discover Cars.com (Car hire), kiwitaxi.com (airport transfers), and hotellook.com (comparing hotel sites)

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