Quebec Travel Photography

Here are a mix of Quebec Travel photography images from two different trips to Québec. One was a fall trip cut short in 2021, and then more recently some of my favorite images from our quick February 2023 trip to Québec City.

We missed Carnaval by a week, but Bonhomme was still there next to the Grand Dame (Le Fairmont Château Frontenac) to greet us.

The weather ran from cloudy and cold, to sunny with blue sky, to a nasty winter storm that blew in. We only managed to get to the train station from our hotel from offering to pay a fearless fellow with a delivery van to take us there since the taxi drivers all stayed home.

Photography Challenges

That brings up a couple of the challenges of photographing in the beautiful province of Québec. Harsh winters with frigid temperatures and snow can pose risk to equipment. Best to keep those extra batteries in your pockets! I like to use those gloves that have fingertip sections that can pulled over the fingers. When you come inside too, you want to have a ziplock bag to put the camera inside as it warms up to help prevent condensation inside the body.

Additionally, Quebec’s language difference may require a little extra effort. If you’re out in the streets photographing people, it helps to know some French, especially if you are not in the larger urban areas. I’m not a huge wildlife photographer, but you’ll need to be sure you’re not in a protected area and be cautious of bears and moose.

Despite these challenges, capturing Quebec’s beauty and charm is super fun. I made these images with three distinctly different setups. Primarily, I used my regular Nikon D780 with my Nikon travel lenses. For fun, I also used my Nikon with a Lensbaby Composer Pro, and then my new (used) Leica TL2, just about the sweetest little street camera I’ve every had. Can you tell which was taken with which?

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