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Pride in Perú: Marcha del Orgullo celebrates 20 years

Aside from one colorful clothing ad and the outside of a popular gay club, I had not seen any signs of Pride in Peru during my stay in Lima.  Por supuesto, I knew that queer culture existed in this massive South American capital city of over 13 million.  I’d read that even though the country had yet to legalize same-sex unions and marriages, consensual-sex activity had been okay since 1924.  In fact, the age of consent today is 14, regardless of gender and/or sexual orientation. 

However, I had no idea that the Jésus María neighborhood would be packed as far as I could see on June 25.  The Pride Collective of Lima was celebrating its 20th anniversary. Thousands of mostly young people came to march, protest and celebrate for the first time in three years because of the pandemic. Lima was one of 25 cities reportedly holding events for the LGBTIQ+ community. Local media reported that the its celebration was the largest in many years.  

La Prensa Latina reported that the Pride Collective organized the event with the slogan of celebrating its 20 years “being visible and demanding that the state attend to our various demands, but above all respect our citizenship in a country where our rights are run over all the time.”

Besides political statements, vendors queer and non-queer alike hawked everything from rainbow earrings to cotton candy. La prensa interviewed drag queens and spokespeople, and some amigos in a Pride 2022 limousine stopped for selfies.  The huge crowd marched toward the historic center at Plaza San Martin, where a large stage offered music and entertainment, until the clubs took over with the celebrations.  Perú, estamos contigo!

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